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 1. How the elephant got its trunk : a retelling of the Rudyard Kipling tale / Richards, Jean, 1940-c2003.
 2. How the end begins : the road to a nuclear World War III / Rosenbaum, Ron.2011.
 3. How the Executive Branch works / Hirsch, Rebecca E.c2015.
 4. How the FBI used a famous photographer to infiltrate the civil rights movement Perrusquia, Marc, author.[2018]
 5. How the finch stole Christmas! / Andrews, Donna, author.2017.
 6. How the first global conflict was fought and won Hanson, Victor Davis, author.2017.
 7. How the fisherman tricked the genie : a tale within a tale within a tale / Sunami, Kitoba.c2002.
 8. How the food you eat makes you feel Lawler, Jean C., author.[2019]
 9. How the forest grew / Jaspersohn, William.c1980.
 10. How the founder of Weight Watchers changed the world -- and me Meltzer, Marisa, 1977- author.2020.
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