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  • Landaw, Jonathan.
  • Buddhism.
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    Buddhism for dummies / by Jonathan Landaw and Stephan Bodian.
    by Landaw, Jonathan.
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    New York : Wiley Pub., c2003.
  • Buddhism.
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    0764553593 (pbk.)
    9780764553592 (pbk.)
    --For dummies
    xx, 363 p. : ill., maps ; 24 cm.
    Introduction -- About this book -- Conventions used in this book -- How this book is organized -- Icons used in this book -- Where to go from here -- pt. I. Introducing Buddhism -- 1. What is Buddhism? -- Figuring out whether Buddhism is a religion -- Recognizing the role of Buddha : the awakened one -- Understanding the philosophy of Buddhism -- Appreciating the practice of Buddhism -- Dedicating your life to the benefit of all beings -- 2. Understanding your mind : the creator of all experience -- Recognizing how your mind shapes your experience -- Contrasting the body and mind -- Approaching the mind from three different Buddhist perspectives -- Identifying some ways your mind works -- Appreciating the fundamental purity of your mind -- Tracing the path of wisdom and loving-compassion --
    pt. II. Buddhism past and present -- 3. Surveying the life and teachings of the historical Buddha -- Revealing Buddha's early life -- Beginning the quest -- Sitting in the shade of the old Bodhi tree : the defeat of Mara -- Benefiting others : Buddha's career in full gear -- Envisioning the future -- Understanding the four noble truths -- 4. Charting the development of Buddhism in India -- Convening the first Buddhist council -- Spreading the teachings, peacefully -- A fork in the road : managing a developing split in the Buddhist community -- Making Buddhism a religion of the people : the Emperor Ashoka's influence -- Two levels of practice in early Buddhism -- Witnessing shifting allegiances and new ideals -- Chronicling the rise of the Mahayana teachings -- Recognizing the major Mahayana themes -- Bringing up Buddhism beyond India -- 5. Following Buddhism to the present day -- Tracing the two routes of Buddhism -- Spreading the way of the elders across Southeast Asia to the West -- Driving the great vehicle to China and beyond --
    pt. III. Buddhism in practice -- 6. Turning to Buddhism -- Proceeding at your own pace -- Getting acquainted with the dharma -- Formally becoming a Buddhist -- Entering the monastic way -- 7. Meditation : the central practice of Buddhism -- Dispelling some meditation myths -- Defining meditation -- Exploring the benefits of meditation -- Understanding the threefold nature of Buddhist meditation -- Developing the three wisdoms as the foundation for insight -- 8. A day in the life of a Buddhist -- Surveying the role of monasteries in Buddhism -- Renouncing worldly attachments : a day in the life of a Western Buddhist monk -- Growing a lotus in the mud : a day in the life of a Zen practitioner -- Devoting yourself to the three jewels : a day in the life of a Vajrayana practitioner -- Trusting the mind of Amida : a day in the life of a pure land Buddhist -- 9. Walking in Buddha's footsteps -- Visiting the primary places of pilgrimage -- Seeing other important pilgrimage sites -- Going on pilgrimage today --
    pt. IV. Traveling the Buddhist path -- 10. What is enlightenment anyway? -- Considering the many faces of spiritual realization -- Reviewing the Theravada tradition's take on Nirvana -- Getting a handle on two traditions of wisdom -- Realizing the mind's essential purity in the Vajrayana tradition -- Standing Nirvana on its head with Zen -- Finding the common threads in Buddhist enlightenment -- 11. A matter of life and death -- Taking death personally -- Recognizing your life as a rare and precious opportunity -- Facing reality : the nine-part death meditation -- Reaping the result of the death meditation -- Surveying different Buddhist attitudes toward death -- Dealing with the death of a loved one -- 12. Getting your karmic act together -- Appreciating the law of karmic cause and effect -- Experiencing karmic consequences -- Following Buddha's ethical guidance -- Exploring the Buddhist precepts -- Dealing with transgressions -- 13. Breaking free of the cycle of dissatisfaction -- Feeling like life's a big rat race -- Spinning the wheel of life : the meaning of wandering in samsara -- Cutting through suffering : the three trainings -- 14. Fulfilling your brightest potential -- Ordering a round of happiness for everyone and everything -- Dedicating your heart to others -- Nurturing the four heavenly abodes -- Cultivating the six perfections of a Bodhisattva -- 15. Four modern Buddhist masters -- Dipa Ma (1911-1989) -- Ajahn Chah (1918-1992) -- Thich Nhat Hanh (born 1929) -- The Dalai Lama (born 1935) --
    pt. V. The part of tens -- 16. Ten common misconceptions about Buddhism -- Buddhism is only for Asians -- To Buddhists, Buddha is God -- Buddhists are idol worshipers -- Because Buddhists think life is suffering, they look forward to dying -- Buddhists think that everything is an illusion -- Buddhists don't believe in anything -- Only Buddhists can practice Buddhism -- Buddhists are only interested in contemplating their navels -- Buddhists never get angry -- "It's just your karma ; there's nothing you ca do about it" -- Buddhists don't know how to count -- 17. Ten ways Buddhism can help you deal with life's problems -- Affirming the basic principles -- Applying the basic principles --
    pt. VI. Appendixes -- Appendix A. Brushing up your Sanskrit : a glossary of useful Buddhist terms -- Appendix B. Additional Buddhist resources to check out -- The story of Buddha -- Buddhist classics, old and new -- Well worth reading -- By and about the modern masters -- Women and Buddhism -- Socially engaged Buddhism -- At your local newsstand.
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